Ten Gardens Tour Sprouts New Growth

Are you a colorful native plant with unusual features? You'll feel right at home on Saturday as you hop from garden to garden.

The Ten Gardens Tour, now in its seventh year, celebrates private gardens in Shorewood, Saturday.

Get your tickets now while they’re hot (and lately, that should not present a problem).

The tour kicks off at 10 a.m. and, as in years past, benefits the Department of Public Works Beautification Committee.

Grab your $10 ticket and then garden-hop in any order (list below) until 3 p.m.

Laura Drexler has again stepped up to organize and coordinate the tour for the third year.

"What stood out for me this year is that we have 10 beautiful and healthy gardens in spite of the worst drought since 1988," she said. "Also, we have a garden composed solely of Milwaukee County natives on Shorewood Blvd., two Lake Michigan gardens, a garden with 15 years of its history in pictures and a beautiful rose garden."

DPW Director Leeann Butschlick said she's excited to put the funds to good use around the village.

“The residents on the Garden Tour committee put so much heart, effort and time into supporting beautification efforts in the village. The Garden Tour is such a great event and the support it provides to the village and the DPW is so appreciated."

Drexler said spends all year looking for unique gardens and invite gardeners to sign up at any of the garden locations to join next year's tour.

"Competition is steep," Drexler said. 

Back again this year is Milwaukee horticulturist Melinda Myers. She will be located at 4470 N. Lake Drive from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., answering gardening questions and selling her books and tapes.

So, what gets you on the tour? Criteria they look for besides uniqueness are "lots of color, unusual features, a wide assortment of perennials, and native plants."

Drexler reminds gardeners of a secret to success..."Tiered planting allows for successful gardens to feature something to be blooming spring through fall," Drexler says. "It's really not the size of the garden, but the choices and the planting that makes them special."

Below is a complete list of this year's gardens. No sneaking over there to behold the Buddha before its time.

The hot list of Shorewood Gardens (and that’s no joke – keeping these gardens hydrated this year is a challenge in itself. Let’s applaud these diligent green-thumbed souls on Saturday).

  • Bill Nasgovitz, 4470 N. Lake Dr.
  • Anita and Don Ford, 4300 N. Lake Dr.
  • Khris and Elwira Wolko, 4314 N. Newhall St.
  • Liz Williams, 3820 N. Newhall St.
  • Birdie Rieck and Mike Maher, 2100 E. Menlo Blvd.
  • Kay Wosewick, 2514 E. Shorewood Blvd.
  • Susan Weistrop, 2615 E. Newton Ave.
  • Barbara and Mark Mendelson, 2621 E. Newton Ave.
  • Diane and David Buck, 3559 N. Summit Ave.
  • Marsha Kuhnke, 4221 N. Downer Ave.

Tickets are available now at , 2107 E. Capitol Drive, , 3930 N. Murray Avenue, and at the tour gardens themselves on Saturday. For more information about the Ten Gardens Tour, please contact Laura Drexler at 963-9695.


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