Great Summer Reads for Kids

Patch asked local librarians and book lovers to recommend some of their favorite books for children. We've collected the answers received in this article for you. Look them up at your local library, or scour the shelves of the bookstore for these gems.

Jen Gerber, Library Director, Oscar Grady Public Library, Saukville

  • Mr. Lincoln Goes to Washington (by Barbara Behm) Summary: While watching television, four dachshunds learn that the new president of the United States is in the process of filling his cabinet. Because dogs don't completely understand human beings (which is understandable!), they think that the president's cabinet is where the nation's supply of dog biscuits is kept. Join the daring dachshunds as they plan a cross-country journey of historic proportions!

David Nimmer, Director, WJ Niederkorn Library, Port Washington

Take the time to enjoy these quick chapter books for beginning readers. They are all from the Captain Awesome series by Stan Kirby and George O'Connor. And please, read them out loud. I am looking forward to the fifth book in the series due out in late August - "Captain Awesome, Soccer Star."

  • "Captain Awesome to the Rescue"
  • "Captain Awesome vs. Nacho Chese Man"
  • "Captain Awesome and the New Kid"
  • "Captain Awesome Takes a Dive"

Jenna Czaplewski, Greenfield Patch Book Blogger

  • "Sweet Land of Liberty, Callista Gingrich. Many kids know the song, “"My Country Tis of Thee,” but they probably don’t know why America is the sweet land of liberty. Enter author Callista Gingrich and illustrator Susan Aciero with their new children’s book, "Sweet Land of Liberty." Featuring full color illustrations throughout and told through the eyes of Ellis the Elephant, "Sweet Land of Liberty" takes children on an entertaining and educational tour through American history, revealing exactly what makes our nation exceptional and unique.
  • "The Library Gingerbread Man," by Dotti Enderle. The Gingerbread Man ran into a crowd at 920, the biography section. Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, and Amelia Earhart tried to stop him.
  • "Pride & Prejudice: A BabyLit Board Book," Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver
  • "Jane Eyre: A Series of Board Books for Brilliant Babies," Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver
  • "Romeo & Juliet: A BabyLit Board Book," Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver 

Brookfield Public Library staff


  • "Dream Something Big: The Story of the Watts Towers," by Diana Hutts Aston
  • "I Dreamt I was a Dinosaur," by Stella Blackstone
  • "Arthur’s Dream Boat," by Polly Dunbar
  • "How to Catch a Star," by Oliver Jeffers
  • "Cat Dreams," by Ursula K. LeGuin
  • "Sweet Dreams," by Rose A. Lewis
  • "Moon Dreams," by Ruth Martin
  • "Listen to the Wind," by Greg Mortenson
  • "Long Shot: Never Too Small to Dream Big," by Chris Paul
  • "Franklin’s Big Dreams," by David Teague
  • "Painted Dreams," by Karen Lynn Williams
  • "Baby Bear’s Big Dreams," by Jane Yolen

Kathy Klager, Director Pauline Haass Public Library, Sussex

  • "Mercy Watson to the Rescue," by Kate DiCamillo
  • "I Spy With My Little Eye," by Edward Gibbs
  • "Blackout," by John Rocco
  • "Mac and Cheese," by Sarah Weeks
  • "Art & Max," by David Wiesner
  • "We Are in a Book!," by Mo Willems 

Susan Nolte, Bayside

  • "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory," by Roald Dahl
CowDung July 24, 2012 at 05:15 PM
It would be more useful if the recommendations were accompanied by target ages/suggested reading levels, etc.
Sarah Worthman July 25, 2012 at 05:46 PM
Thanks, CowDung, I'll see if we can include that in our other reading lists.


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