Shorewood Athletic Director Retiring at End of School Year

After 25 years in Shorewood schools, Bill Haury is retiring. The School Board will consider his retirement request Tuesday night.

When school lets out for summer break, Bill Haury will say goodbye for good after 25 years in the Shorewood School District. 

Haury has served in different roles in the district over the more than two decades, most recently as dean of students and district athletic director. 

"... I would be interested in continuing to serve as 7-12 Director of Athletics, but after 8.5 years of fulfilling what were formally two full-time positions, I no longer have the motivation and energy to continue doing what is required in meeting the demands of these combined administrative positions," Haury said in a letter to the School Board.

The board will consider his retirement request during a regular meeting slated for Tuesday night. Haury's time of service makes him eligible to receive district retirement benefits. 

"I want to thank the district for the opportunity to work with the students and community during my time of service, and for what I have learned and experienced during that time," Haury added. 

Shorewood High School offers 23 sports over three seasons, according to the district website. About 57 percent of students participate in at least one sport while 24 percent participate in at least two and 5 percent participate in three.

The sharing of administrative roles in the district is nothing new. Officials only . 

Retirements from Shorewood schools have waned from previous years. Just one teacher is retiring, while a handful of other educators and long-time employees are leaving the district. 

N. Peske January 20, 2013 at 02:14 PM
Thank you to Bill Haury for serving our kids and community well for so many years!
Sunrocket January 20, 2013 at 03:13 PM
That is a ridiculous statement. People do the job of 2, 4 and more every day of their lives. Some with never the opportunity to retire. As the article state's, the sharing of roles was nothing new. You guys need to get over it already. Schools with much less in funds do just as much if not more.
LJL January 22, 2013 at 04:13 PM
Bill has played a key role at SIS and SHS for all these years, and has had such a positive influence on so many of our kids - my son being one of them. He has done the work of 10 people, thanks in part to the umpteen volunteer hours that his wife has put in. He'll be greatly missed, but hopefully will still be there to cheer on the Greyhounds from time to time. Thanks Bill.
tippingpoint January 23, 2013 at 04:39 PM
Bill is the brightest gem in a school system that has more than it's share of gems. What placed Bill in a class by himself for my family was the work he did at SIS: Bill gets all the credit for guiding my son safely through a truly touch-and-go seventh grade. And while my son had few interactions with Bill in HS, Bill still brought a huge smile to my face whenever I saw him. He seemed to be everywhere, at all hours of the day, seven days a week, and I knew he was working his magic in other roles with other students. Not only does Bill have a unique gift connecting with kids, but he shared that gift seemingly 24/7. Yes, in this economy there are many people doing multiple jobs, but I dare say there are very few who take it to Bill's extreme, and even fewer who are so incredibly gifted at making a life-long difference in individual lives.
Marty Gagne January 24, 2013 at 04:39 PM
Just to clarify, on Monday through Friday, Bill gets to school at 7 AM and usually is there until about 10 PM or later. He gets there a little later and leaves a little earlier on Saturday. He averages 80+ hours a week during the school year. His summer hours are more normal, but he doesn't get the summer off. I've been watching him do this for over eight years and it is truly two full-time jobs every day. We all think we work hard; very very few of us work as hard as he has. He has basically worked 16 years in the last eight years. It will be a profound loss for a system that is already stretched too thin. Mpg


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