The Best of Patch: March

A month-by-month look back at the top stories of 2011.

As the year comes to a close, we all tend to look back at what exactly we've accomplished over the past 365 days.

Though Shorewood Patch has always been devoted to covering local news, we headed to Madison to cover the historic events surrounding Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's 2011-2013 budget bill and Act 10 in March.

Here’s a recap of the headlines from Shorewood Patch during the budget battle, in no particular order, followed by some of the top local stories from March.


The effort to gather the 21,000 signatures needed to recall state Sen. Alberta Darling began in Shorewood on March 5, as volunteers and petitioners canvassed neighborhoods armed with clipboards.

A 71-year-old Shorewood man with one leg managed to fight off a home intruder — using his crutches to chase away the bad guy.

The victim told Patch March 7 that he was sleeping in his bed when he was awakened by a man who appeared to be in his mid-30s standing above him.

With a recall effort launched against state Sen. Alberta Darling, state lawmaker Sandy Pasch told Patch March 29 she would consider challenging, should a recall election happen.

Running the nearly 30 miles of winding roads and city streets in the Boston Marathon is hard enough in shorts and a T-shirt, but James Gefke planned do it in his firefighting gear.

And, his fallen friend and former North Shore firefighter of more than a decade was his inspiration. The article was published March 22.

Despite threats of a boycott of Shorewood's , store owner Anne Nehring said March 14 she hasn't seen much backlash from shoppers — just support. Two customers came in and told co-owner John Nehring, they were organizing a boycott of the store at 4027 N. Oakland Ave.

It was unclear whether a Facebook page calling for the boycotts of businesses that have donated to Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign was connected to the Sendik's boycott, however, the store was among the more than 150 businesses listed on the page.

Milwaukee developer Mandel Developer revealed plans for a six-story, $32 million retail and apartment development to be constructed in the parking lot next to Sendik's in Shorewood at a village meeting March 4.

Marcus Hoffman spends most of his time laboring over nuclear fusion reactors or discussing plans of delegating on behalf of the United States to the United Nations — that is, when he isn’t in his eighth grade class.

Marcus, a Shorewood Intermediate School student, shared how he dabbles in a little bit of everything March 11, including producing 17,000 volts of nuclear energy from his bedroom desk, and striving to become the first US youth delegate to the UN, all at the age of 14.


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