Pasch Makes Her Case in Press Club Appearance

Citizen Action allegations among the questions the Whitefish Bay Democrat fields during the Milwaukee Press Club luncheon.

In the week leading up to the 8th Senate District recall election on Aug. 9, state Rep. Sandy Pasch and state Sen. Alberta Darling are making their case to the Milwaukee Press Club.

Pasch’s appearance before the press club on Monday came on the same day that the asking the state to investigate whether there is any collusion between Pasch's campaign and Citizen Action of Wisconsin, a special-interest group. The Whitefish Bay Democrat is on the board of directors of the group, which has supported Pasch and other Democratic recall candidates.

Pasch said she is only involved in the non-profit element of the organization, and she said she is positive the state Government Accountability Board will not find any indication of wrongdoing.

“I have not had no contact with them about any political activities or any political plans that they’ve been making. I cut off contact with them,” she said. “I think it’s ridiculous that the Republican Party is trying to portray this as something that is more than it is.”

Pasch was the only speaker at the press club’s Newsmaker Luncheon Monday. The group invited both Darling and Pasch to debate in the same setting, but Darling declined the offer, so the two candidates made their appearances on consecutive days. Patch will report on Darling’s Press Club appearance on Tuesday.

While Darling has touted reports that most school districts will not be hurt in the first year of reduced education funding, Pasch said there are still districts losing teachers under the cuts and other districts will be placed in a tough position in the near future.

“My opponent keeps saying the sky’s not falling. I hear that over and over again,” she said. “I think that’s a poor measure for how we value our public education.”

That is a contrast in priorities from when Democrats were in the majority when she took office in 2009, Pasch said. At that time, the state was facing a $6.6 billion budget deficit, and under Gov. Jim Doyle, Pasch said the Legislature cut 5 percent to 10 percent from almost every program, with 3.5 percent cuts in public education.

She said Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Darling, of River Hills, have taken a more “shortsighted” approach.

“Instead of looking strategically at across-the-board cuts or looking carefully at what are essential programs that they can’t cut, they went right after education, with $1.6 billion in cuts, including numerous cuts in categorical aids," Pasch said. "That is the largest cut in the state’s history to public education…Going after education to balance the state’s budget is incredibly shortsighted.”

She also said the GOP's cuts to Planned Parenthood and limits on FamilyCare could end up costing taxpayers more money in the long run.

Pasch said both of these shortfalls in health insurance coverage will be passed on to taxpayers.

“If they don’t increase access to services, people do not get healthier. The cost is spread around," she said. "Maybe we do not see it, but it is spread into police departments, it spreads into emergency rooms and it spreads into property taxes.”

When asked why neither side has campaigned much on the issue of collective bargaining, Pasch said it was a spark to broader concerns about Walker's budget, such as Department of Health Services Secretary Dennis Smith's added authority over the eligibility of health insurance benefits.

"People have seen a continuing assault on many, many values in the state of Wisconsin," she said.

Lyle Ruble August 03, 2011 at 05:08 PM
@235301...Now you are coming up with some viable ideas. You have to understand this is going to cost, but it might be worth it to break the cycle of poverty.
The prosser-cuter August 03, 2011 at 05:14 PM
Sandy's lies are catching up with her http://mediatrackers.org/2011/08/e-mails-raise-questions-about-truthfulness-of-pasch-denial/
235301 August 03, 2011 at 08:06 PM
Patriot: I think you are being extremely callous and are losing focus on the real issue here: It's not the orphans and mentally challenged that are the money pits. It's the individuals that are pushing out multiple illegitimate children with no means to support them, let alone raise them properly. 1 in 3 children are now born in this country to a single mother. That cost on society is huge, from funding the mother to the inevitable cost to our penal system(along with the ancillary crime that occurs). And it propagates....studies show 75% of teenage pregnancies occur in homes with a single parent. Focus on the ball instead of throwing the underprivileged under the bus. Focus on those individuals that make the choice to be a parasite on society.
Morninmist Same August 05, 2011 at 12:07 AM
Keith b.....Ms darling has her own felonie accusations to worry about. http://www.politiscoop.com/component/content/article/35-last-24h-news/439-darling-accused-of-criminal-felonies.html Darling Accused of Criminal Felonies Thursday, 04 August 2011 11:16 Paul I. Tascoupe 7 Darling Behind Bars
Craig August 05, 2011 at 01:15 AM
@Morningmist: The open records thing is a joke. If a request is made, it should be in person with a form. An e mail request is not going to get an immediate reply. This accusation will be proven disingenuous and not a violation. I believe it was just a Pashist trying to muddy the waters regarding Pasch's illegal PAC involvement. But it just may work; the lefties seem to be buying her BS hook, line, and sinker.


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