'Worst Road in the Village' Will Be Resurfaced During Sewer Construction

Officials approved on Monday a $109,000 patch job for Wilson Drive. The major thoroughfare has gone from bad to worse as crews perform sewer work.

With North Wilson Drive already in a significant state of disrepair, village officials said Monday sewer construction under way on the busy thoroughfare and surrounding streets has made things go from bad to worse.

"It is by far the worst road in the entire village," Trustee Thad Nation said Monday.

That’s why a makeover is in the works for the drive .

  • Is Wilson Drive really the worst road in Shorewood? Is there one worse? Tell us in the comments.

Village officials approved a $109,000 milling and asphalt overlay project for Wilson Drive from just north of East Capitol Drive to North Sheffield Avenue. Officials say they will fund the milling and asphalt overlay project through the sewer project contingency fund and the village’s road maintenance program fund.

Village Manager Chris Swartz said Wilson Drive has seen new damage during the construction.

"Those of you who ride a bicycle, or walk, or drive very slowly on our part of Wilson are well aware that the entire thing is crumbling, and it's crumbling quickly," Trustee Ellen Eckman said.

And it's practical to make the repairs while construction is in progress. The road repairs are expected to last five years and officials say they should save money by not having to constantly patch up the road.

Eckman added Wilson hasn't got the attention it really needs because it is so wide and costs more to fix than other streets.

Officials had previously discussed a road reconstruction project, calling for a narrowing of the drive to allow for new development. Nation said the milling and asphalt project could give the Village Board more time to discuss what to do with Wilson Drive.

“There’s a lot we have to figure out before we move forward with a true reconstruction,” Trustee Jeff Hanewall said.

Nation said it would also give the village time to look into state grant monies for a Wilson Drive reconstruction project.

Henry Jorgenson June 21, 2012 at 05:50 PM
That is great news.
Cricket June 25, 2012 at 02:37 PM
Frankly I think there are many bad roads in Shorewood. Considering it is touted as being "bike friendly" it is anything but. I have literally been almost knocked off my seat. Newton Ave between Lake and Downer is horrible, most of Edgewood is bad considering it is the obvious choice to get to the bike path. I would also like to know what the gentleman from the DPW is doing as he patrols the streets daily looking for potholes to fix.


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