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Welcome to Patch's live Election Night blog and community forum. We will give you results and commentary from the 8th Senate District primary, and other primaries around the state.

We also encourage you to post your take on the recall races in the comments section below.

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8:05 PM: The polls around Wisconsin have just closed and we're waiting for the first results to come in. We'll be paying close attention to the , but will be watching the other primaries as well.

8:20 PM: While we're waiting for results, we'd like to hear from you. Who did you vote for in 8th District Senate race? Do you think Gladys Huber has a chance to win tonight?

8:25 PM: There are six Democratic primaries tonight that we'll be keeping an eye on. 2nd District in the Green Bay area; 8th District in Milwaukee area; 10th District in River Falls area; 14th District in Ripon area; 18th District in Fond du Lac-Oshkosh; and 32nd District in La Crosse.

In all six primaries, there is a Republican who is running. It'll be interesting to see whether any of them win.

8:33 PM: Early results out of Washington County in the 8th Senate District show "fake Democrat" Gladys Huber leading state Rep. Sandy Pasch, 424-301. Still a long way to go, but these are first official results we've seen.

8:40 PM: In 8th Senate District in Green Bay, Nancy Nusbaum has a 64%-36% edge over "fake Democrat" Otto Junkermann, Today's TMJ4 reports. About one-third of the vote counted.

8:43 PM: With 16% of the vote in in the 8th District, Pasch has pulled ahead of Huber by a 75% to 25% margin. Still plenty of votes to be counted, though.

8:46 PM: Patch Editor Jeff Rumage is at Pasch's party at Three Lions Pub in Shorewood and say the place is starting to fill up. As far as we know, her opponent, Gladys Huber, has no party planned for tonight. Jeff will be at the Three Lions Pub until the last vote is counted and will  have comments from Pasch and her supporters.

8:52 PM: Washington County is reporting that Huber is on top of Pasch in that county - 2,010 for Huber; 1,683 for Pasch. However, with about 20% of the total vote in for the 8th District, Pasch is still the leader by a margin of 62% to 38%, according to AP.

8:55 PM: If you're keeping score at home, the tally so far is "Real Democrats" 1; "Fake Democrats" 0.

The Associated Press just called the 2nd District Senate race former Brown County Executive Nancy Nusbaum. She defeated GOP protest candidate Otto Junkermann.

9:00 PM: If you're really interested in what's happening in the 10th Senate District recall race in northwestern Wisconsin, hop on over to our They're doing some cool live streaming there from Democratic Party HQ.

In that district, it looks like Shelly Moore is going to prevail over "fake Democrat" Issac Wiex.

9:05 PM: So far, we have had no officials results from Ozaukee County in the 8th District race. Part of that district is in Mequon and Thiensville, and no results are up yet. This is certainly an area where Huber can pick up some votes on Pasch.

9:12 PM: In all six of the Democratic primaries, the "real" Democrats area leading the "fake ones," according to AP results. The closest race is the 10th District, where Shelly Moore has a 54% to 46% lead over Isaac Weix. The biggest gap is in the 32nd District in La Crosse, where state Rep. Jennifer Shilling has a 74% to 26% lead over James Smith, with more than a third of the vote counted.

9:17 PM: Pasch just arrived at her "victory" party in Shorewood and immediately does media interviews. Crowds chanting "Sandy! Sandy!"

9:20 PM: Even in GOP-heavy Menomonee Falls, Pasch is victorious...but it's close. Pasch wins 2,852-2,625 over Huber. Turnout is 28 percent.

9:24 PM: Score another victory for the "real" Democrats. In the 22nd District in La Crosse, Democratic state Rep. Jennifer Shilling defeats James D. Smith by an easy margin, AP tells us.

9:31 PM: With about half of the vote in in the 8th District, Pasch has a comfortable lead over Huber - 65% to 35%.

9:33 PM: Results are in from Shorewood, and as was expected, Pasch wins big over Huber. Pasch has 3,361 votest to Huber's 553. Turnout was 41 percent.

9:35 PM: Bayside numbers are in. Pasch, 877; Huber, 313.

9:36 PM: AP declares state Rep. Fred Clark the winner in the 14th Senate District over "fake Democrat" Rol Church. "Real Democrats" have taken all three races that have been called tonight.

9:40 PM: At this point, a Pasch victory seems inevitable. About 70 percent of the voted has been counted in the 8th District, and Pasch has nearly double the numbers as Huber.

10:10 PM: Pasch handily defeats Huber in Democratic primary to set up a battle against Republican incumbent Sen. Alberta Darling. on Pasch's win.

10:18 PM: With about 90 percent of the vote in, AP reports that Pasch has 18,670 votes to Huber's 9,382 votes. In other works, Pasch took almost two-thirds of the vote, a margin that was consistent throughout the night.

10:20 PM: We got so caught up in the 8th District race, that we forgot to mention that the "real" Democrats defeated the "fake" ones in all six recalls tonight.

10:29 PM: If you like numbers, WisPolitics.com has a breakdown of votes for all six Democratic primaries.

10:40 PM: For more details on what happened in the 10th Senate District recall election in northwestern Wisconsin, check out our P. That was actually the closest of the races involving a "fake Democrat." Shelly Moore defeated Isaac Wiex 54% to 46% of the vote.

10:45 PM: We're about to sign off on our the live blog tonight and want to thank everyone who hung out tonight.

In the 8th Senate District, the latest totals show: Pasch, 20,915 and Huber with 11,660 votes, according to AP. That's with all but two precincts reporting.

The next four weeks will be very interesting, and Patch will be there every step of the way covering this key matchup in the 8th District.

Have a great night!

Carl Engelking July 13, 2011 at 02:56 AM
So much for low turnout in Shorewood, probably had the strongest voter turnout tonight.
D.D. July 13, 2011 at 03:10 AM
Klopenburg had about 25,000 votes in SD8 and lost by 9,000.
Cary Rothman July 13, 2011 at 03:45 AM
Pasch is a big taxing liberal, totey for the unions, who caused the loss of thousands of jobs and many businesses. If you liberals like big government and high taxes why don't you just write big checks to Madison. Our founders did not believe in socialism, they saw it as a failed system that has and never will work. Eight years of Pasch and Doyle put the state into near bankrupsy. We certainly do not need her!
Lyle Ruble July 13, 2011 at 11:44 AM
@Cary Rothman...I don't know what founders your talking about. Socialism wasn't something that was even known in the 18th or most of the 19th century. It wasn't until the abuses of the Industrial Revolution were fully known that worker's rights became a relevant issue. Pinning the economic woes on the Democrats is not only incorrect, but it is unproductive to solving the state's fiscal crisis. People like representative Pasch are our best chance to retain our freedoms against a libertarian takeover of our state.
Gordon E Lang October 25, 2011 at 09:14 PM


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