Is Roundy's Ready to Redevelop Shorewood's Pick 'n Save?

While it's unclear what the grocery giant has planned for Shorewood, officials have been discussing redevelopment of Oakland Avenue store in closed meetings over the past month.

Is Shorewood and Roundy's prepping to pull the trigger on a redevelopment project at the village's ?

Village Community Development Authority Chairman Pete Petrie said last year that the at 4145 N. Oakland Ave.

It's been quiet on that front until recently; development officials have began discussing redevelopment of the grocery store's block in closed session CDA meetings. Petrie nor Village Manager Chris Swartz could be reached for comment on Tuesday.

The CDA was scheduled to enter closed session to discuss the site most recently on Friday, but Petrie said the committee wouldn't enter talks not because of Roundy's, but rather the village hadn't done what it needed to move forward.

Roundy's spokesperson Vivian King said Tuesday the Shorewood store is a location that has been the center of redevelopment talks, but that is the case for many of the company's 159 stores in three states.

"Shorewood is something we have been looking at, but there isn't a timeline at this point," she said.

Roundy's owns the property that houses Shorewood’s , 4081 N. Oakland Ave., and the property at 4093 N. Oakland Ave., which use to hold the Open Book bookstore.

Walgreens has been trying to find a new home in Shorewood for nearly a decade, realizing its lease was set to expire in April 30, 2011, and with the notion Roundy’s would likely look to expand its Pick ‘n Save location on the block.

Walgreens has found its new home in a sprouting in the parking lot. It will make the move across East Kenmore Place from to occupy the northern end of the parking lot at 4027 N. Oakland Ave. with a new store.

Petrie has said Roundy's officials periodically check in with the village to see what the requirements would be if the company wanted to move forward and redevelop the properties.

“Well, only they know, but the facts are that they purchased them (the property rights), but they were leased before that,” Petrie said in an interview in February 2011.  “We do know that one day they want to redo the whole block and they are going to want some help from us."

Absolutelyfabulous August 07, 2012 at 11:51 PM
Playing more games or just finalizing the finer points of the deal? I seem to remember not too long ago that the CDA/Village Board reccomended the creation of $10,300,000 TIF for Oakland Ave for "future development" after Mandel's TIF had been approved. BTW..How much money/assistance did Roundy's/Metro Market receive when they completely rebuilt the new Metro Market in Mequon a short time ago? Also, will the residents of Shorewood be once again completely kept in the dark until all financial packages/grants have been determined/architectural renderings approved/possible zoning changes "agreed upon"...then present to the public via the Journal/Patch?
N. Peske August 08, 2012 at 02:30 PM
What is our TIF situation, now that you mention it, AbFab? Do you know? Are we overextended? Is that the concern?


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