Prosser Picks Up 7,500-plus Votes in Waukesha County Clerk Snafu

County clerk failed to properly save the City of Brookfield's votes to her countywide total, an error that could mean victory for Prosser.

In a stunning development that instantly changed the race for the state Supreme Court, a county clerk's error on election night added 7,582 votes for incumbent Justice David Prosser over challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg.

The additional votes almost certainly will give Prosser the victory in the heated race for the high court. As of early afternoon Thursday, Kloppenburg had been ahead in the race, according to totals compiled by the Associated Press.

The additional votes for Prosser were found after it was determined that all the votes for the City of Brookfield were not included in the initial counts that the county provided to the Associated Press, which has been maintaining a statewide tally of votes.

The revised Waukesha County figures show Prosser with 11,008 more votes than were initially recorded for him, while Kloppenburg picked up 3,426 more votes. The net result is an additional 7,582 votes for Prosser.

Earlier Thursday, unofficial results compiled by the Associated Press had Kloppenburg winning by 244 votes.

Kloppenburg issued a statement Thursday evening saying she will be requesting all relevant records surrounding the snafu. 

"Wisconsin voters as well as the Kloppenburg for Justice Campaign deserve a full explanation of how and why these 14,000 votes from an entire City were missed," the statement said.

"We are confident that election officials in Waukesha County will fulfill these requests as quickly as possible so that both our campaign and the people of Wisconsin can fully understand what happened and why," Kloppenburg said. "Just as Assistant Attorney General Kloppenburg has run to restore confidence in the court, Wisconsin residents also deserve to have full confidence in election results." 

Prosser said he was "encouraged" by the changing vote totals.

"Our confidence is high, and we will continue to monitor with optimism, and believe that the positive results will hold," Prosser said in a statement. "We’ve always maintained faith in the voters and trust the election officials involved in the canvasing will reaffirm the lead we’ve taken.”

At a press conference Thursday evening, a tearful Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus accepted blame for the error.

Nickolaus said she forgot to press "save" while entering the numbers into a database and because the countywide turnout was so large, the missing votes didn't get noticed. On election night she reported the countywide voter turnout was 42 percent. The revised numbers adding Brookfield's votes increases the countywide turnout to 47 percent, she said.

Nickolaus said on election night she enters the numbers into a Microsoft Access program and then prints them out for the media. Because she didn’t save the numbers, they didn’t get transferred to the unofficial results and the lack of Brookfield votes were not discovered until the canvass took place.

“It’s important to stress this isn’t a case of extra votes or extra ballots being found,” she said. “This is error, which I apologize for, which is common in this process.”

Nickolaus said the county's Board of Canvassers has been meeting since noon Wednesday and the error was found Wednesday. However, she didn’t report it until Thursday after verifying the error was made.

Waukesha County Executive of the missed votes.

“It is an unfortunate situation, but the most important thing is that every vote was counted and was verified and in the hands of the Government Accountability Board," said Vrakas, who like Nickolaus is an active Republican.

Ramona Kitzinger, vice chairman of the Waukesha County Democratic Party and the appointed Democrat on the Waukesha County Board of Canvassers, said she was confident the revised vote totals were accurate, despite the blow to Kloppenburg's bid.

"We went over everything and made sure all the numbers jibed up and they did," Kitzinger said.

After news of the increased Prosser votes leaked but before Nickolaus' press conference, Brookfield City Clerk Kristine Schmidt said she had not been notified by the county of any vote reporting problems. 

"The votes that I had on Tuesday night, the votes I reported to the county clerk on Tuesday night, and the votes I turned over to the county clerk on Wednesday were the same numbers in each instance," Schmidt said. 

"What they did with those votes afterward I can’t answer," she added.

After watching Nickolaus' press conference, Schmidt said in an interview that she empathized with the error. But she was not happy Nickolaus never told Brookfield about the snafu, even when Schmidt talked to Nickolaus earlier Thursday. Schmidt said she also called the county clerk's office shortly before the press conference but was not told what happened.

"It can be considered a simple mistake, a mistake with wide-ranging results," Schmidt said.

"I was a little perturbed that I was not informed as to what had happened," the city clerk said. 

Schmidt said when she talked to Nickolaus earlier Thursday, the county clerk had apologized for being short.

"She said that she was sorry and she was probably upset, that she was having a horrible day, probably the worst day of her life," Schmidt said. "I said I was really sorry to hear that. It must be really difficult to do that (canvass) with people hanging over your heads."

But Nickolaus never mentioned to Schmidt that the county failed to count Brookfield's votes.

On election night, the City of Brookfield reported that Prosser received 10,859 votes from city residents, or 76 percent of the vote, compared to the 3,456 votes cast for challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg. posted about 12:30 a.m. election night.

Schmidt said her office also posted the results on the city's web site before going home on election night.

Nickolaus said that the Waukesha County voting results also changed in two other communities: New Berlin and the Town of Lisbon. The results for New Berlin's Ward 12 was reported as 37 votes for Prosser but the voting machine tape showed 237 votes.  

In the Town of Lisbon, a "typing error" reduced the vote totals for both candidates, decreasing Prosser's total by 206 votes and Kloppenburg's by 35 votes.

Nickolaus said she hasn't consulted a lawyer about this issue and would not comment further on potential for legal ramifications because of the error.

Nickolaus came under fire from the Waukesha County Board in the past year for putting election information on her personal computer instead of using county equipment. She said at her press conference that the Brookfield votes error occurred on the county system and had nothing to do with the issue related to her use of a private computer.

Also Thursday in Brookfield, a resident expressed concern that her vote was not counted by the machine after she initially marked her ballot with a red pen she found in the polling station, according to the city clerk's office.

Schmidt said, however, she believes the vote was counted because the machine otherwise would have kicked the ballot back out with an error message.

The woman came to City Hall Thursday to report concerns about her vote Tuesday at the Dixon Elementary School polling site. According to Schmidt:

The woman said she used a red pen she found at the voting station but then stopped and asked poll workers if red would register. They told her to switch to a black pen and write with black over the red marks. The machine accepted the ballot, but the woman said she did not hear the usual beep that sounds after the ballot enters the machine.

Schmidt said the site might have been too noisy to hear the beep.

Lyle Ruble April 24, 2011 at 11:37 PM
@John Galt... Face the fact that Kloppy came close to whipping Prosser, missed by 7300 votes out of 1.5 mm cast. Not bad against an incumbent. but still she lost. However, Walker beat Barrett by 6 or 7 percent. If the election were held today, after Walker's full agenda is known, then Walker probably wouldn't be governor. But, he is and I will deal with it. Now John, not all conservatives are created equal and they, with political views ranging from a simple fiscal conservative to social conservative to libertarian in the far extreme. So to say that just because Walker is a conservative that everyone should have known his agenda and plans is faulty logic my friend. I agree that the libs don't talk about their increase tax agenda like they should. Say what you mean and mean what you say is my view. John for someone who claims a genius I.Q., I am surprised by your intellectual dodging and weaving.
Lyle Ruble April 24, 2011 at 11:43 PM
@John Galt... Going back to 1968 and my first election, I voted for Tricky Dick twice. I voted for George H.W. Bush against Reagan in the primary. I voted against Clinton twice. As far as congressional offices, in my previous state of residence I usually split between Dems and Repubs. Since living in Wisconsin, I have voted for Alberta Darling until the 2008 election. By my own definition I am a Progressive Republican but lately I have been moving further to the left as the right has moved further to right extremism.
John Galt of Muskego April 24, 2011 at 11:48 PM
So, any comment on George Soros yet? Here is a link from HuffPo--about the Urinal Sentinel for you... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/social/Nancy_J_Powell/wisconsin-union-law-fight_1_n_841837_82427754.html Also, let me ask you this. Why is it always considered evil when Republicans take funding from any business but not for Dems to do it? Can you give me a breakdown of Public Union money that flowed into Democratic campaigns vs Republican ones? Can you give me a breakdown of Public Union money fl0wing into Democratic campaigns vs the Evil Koch bros? Lastly, Obama is already in campaign mode for 2012, and many pundits from both sides of the aisle are predicting he could spend $1BILLION! He will of course not be taking any money from George Soros, GE, or Wall Street at all though, right?
John Galt of Muskego April 24, 2011 at 11:57 PM
Also, on the link above. I believe that is when Marty Beil started comparing Public Union workers to slaves--which really helped rally the Conservatives. http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/news/112005124.html Whenever a Conservative proposes something the left doesn't like, its because they don't have the mental capacity to understand the issue, or they're evil, or beholden to BIG oil, BIG pharma, BIG (insert industry here). When I keep saying the left's Politics have become transparent, it's because anyone who is aware of Rules for Radicals can see the tactics over and over. Hold the other side to their own standards, demonize, embellish, throw a wrench in things, divert attention, and slowy progress by incrementalism. As I mentioned yesterday, when the libs are in charge we on the right at least have the courtesy to let them govern and try to win back a majority. You don't have to like everything the right does or stands for but you should at least let the Govt run on the principals it was founded on.
Lyle Ruble April 25, 2011 at 12:10 AM
@John Galt.... I'll help you out with the brains behind Scott Walker; Walker's Brain is Michael W. Grebe. He is also supported by American Legislative Exchange Council and their model legislation.
John Galt of Muskego April 25, 2011 at 12:12 AM
@Lyle, you cannot say the Reps have moved further to the right and ignore how far the left has swung the other way--and still say I'm naive and dodging and weaving--can you? You have the most liberal leadership in the White House and Congress that the nation has ever seen. Believe it or not, I used to lien left (probably why you and I love to debate each other). When Clinton shook his finger at me and scolded me through the TV I started to be turned off. When I started to take politics more seriously, I started noticing the Robert Byrds, Barney Franks, and John Edwards of the world more--as well as how the media side-stepped some pretty big issues about them, while incessantly covering "the wide stance" of Senator Craig. Also, I am not one who just overlooks things when I currently like a certain politician. If Paul Ryan were caught with a hooker and a crack-pipe, I wouldn't be marching and chanting "Free Paul Ryan". The left always overlook major character flaws and deleterious behavior just because its thier guy. I would classify myself as a Fiscal Conservative/Socially Moderate Republican. I do this because most Social issues don't affect my family directly. I may be personally against abortion or gay marriage, but when it comes down to it, these issues mean nothing directly to me. Fiscal policy, on the other hand, affects all of us. Right now, our Nation is at a point where people are starting to vote based on what that candidate can get them financially.
John Galt of Muskego April 25, 2011 at 12:21 AM
So, you guys are not going to say one word about Soros/GE/Wall St/WEAC and other public unions/big casino money/and a chorus of others who donated to Dems you might have heard of.....? Please, lets see a break down of the political contributions of WI public union money. Who funds moveon.org and what would you say about their politics? Which candidate in 2008 received millions from small overseas donations that just happened to be just small enough where they didn't have to disclose the donor? Which candidate in 2008 was actually endorsed by Extemist Muslim groups and Communists? While we were losing jobs in 2009, why was Jim Doyle in Spain giving a contract for trains to a certain donor?
John Galt of Muskego April 25, 2011 at 12:27 AM
I'm taking a break from online arguing but please feel free to enlighten me on the Soros thing whenever you can. Big money always flows into both candidates in every major election. Singling out the Koch Brothers is laughable because when you compare them to the whole picture, its obvious they are the status quo. Just because you don't like the politics of who they give to in a certain election does not make them evil. I'm wasting too much time on here, so I'm checking out for a while. Hopefully some other Conservatives jump back in---likely burnt out too though :) Peace.
Lyle Ruble April 25, 2011 at 12:59 AM
@John Galt.... What principles are you referring to?
Lyle Ruble April 25, 2011 at 01:02 AM
@John Galt... Never had any association with George Soros or any of his organizations other than sending money into Moveon.org. When I was with AIPAC, we didn't accept or distribute any campaign funds.
Lyle Ruble April 25, 2011 at 02:25 AM
@John Galt... It's not just the money that flows in during major campaigns, but it's all the other activity that goes on that are not directly tied to campaigns. John it would be much easier to discuss issues if you had a better grasp on U.S. history. However, the conservative movement has done an excellent job of formulating their messages through selective research, well funded think tanks and well funded and organized action organizations. I keep using the term plutocracy to describe the goal of the most extreme; including Charles and Richard Koch, Michael W. Grebe, Erik Prinz, DeVoss, etc. In reality it is Atlas Shrugged. However, there isn't any collective take over or communism conspiracy by the left. It is the right's own paranoia that their individuality will be limited. It is the war between the unfettered individual with the overall community. Too bad John, you've drunk their koolaid and you risk losing your soul.
C T April 25, 2011 at 04:12 AM
@ Lyle " However, there isn't any collective take over or communism conspiracy by the left." BULLCRAP.
Lyle Ruble April 25, 2011 at 10:57 AM
@CT... Where's your proof that the left is attemping to impose collectivism and communism? If you believe in the commie takeover, you've drank the koolaid too.
John Galt of Muskego April 25, 2011 at 11:36 AM
@Lyle. I'm a Conservative because I have my own values, not because anyone fed me any kool-aid. I personally espouse personal accoutability, limited Govt, lower taxes, and the hope for everyone to make their own way, with a safety-net for those who need it, and not just those who want it. I don't care if you think there are a few unsavory characters within our ranks, as you have just spit out a few names and everyone is supposed to just drink your kool-aid. Barack Obama may go down as the worst President in US history. Very little is still known about his past. No, I'm not a birther, but the guy hasn't released any documents from college etc either. He has a track record of associating with Bill Ayers, Dohrn, J Wright, et al, but when we bring it up, its because were racist, right? The guy is on tape saying "electricity rates will skyrocket under his plan of cap and trade" and none of you say a word. He has said racial phrases like "typical white person" an no one says a word. He said our troops were "air raiding villages and killing civilians" and you stand there silent? I don't care what you think of me but perhaps your side should start loving this Country again and supporting it rather than doing everything in your power to destroy it--or remake it, as Obama is attempting. And yes Lyle, if you've donated to moveon.org, it does make you a Soros puppet and radical left=winger, not a slightly left of center moderate, as you claim.
John Galt of Muskego April 25, 2011 at 11:50 AM
@Lyle, you want to talk about revisionist history? For some reason you've decided I don't know my history. Just because I wasn't yet born for many of our Country's major events, like you, I do have a strong grasp on our history. Why does the left always frame the right as bigoted when its the right that was the party of Abe Lincoln and the left radical left who assassinated him? Why does the left use phrases like "in the tradition of Bull Connor" when demonizing a Conservaitve when Bull Connor was a Democrat? If you open a new history text, you will likely find several pages or maybe even an entire chapter on Obama-or 10 yrs ago, on Clinton, but maybe a paragraph or 2 on Washington or Lincoln. Obama nominates Anita Dunn and she proclaims her respect for Chairman Mao, and you accuse me of drinking kool-aid. Obama nominates Van Jones, a self-described Communist and your head is in the sand. He has surrounded himself with people like this his whole life, and anti-semites, and you go and vote for "hope and change" in order to be accepted at your local liberal think-tank disguised as a coffee shop. So, now we have a Jewish guy, ignoring the Marxist, Communist, and anti-Semitic connections of an unqualified oaf, and casting a vote his way only to turn around and proclaim it is the right who has lost its way and doesn't understand the world around itself? I suppose I could use this quote now "MLK turned tail and ran." --Long-tenured US Sen. Mr Robert Byrd.
John Galt of Muskego April 25, 2011 at 11:51 AM
All this ranting made me thirsty, now where's my kool-aid?
Lyle Ruble April 25, 2011 at 01:00 PM
@John Galt...You're the one doing revisionist history. In the first place, most of the conservative racists in the South were politically associated with the Democratic Party. Those same individuals switched to the Republican Party after the 1965 Civil Rights Bill passed into law. George Wallace had been a Democrat and then ran for President as an independent. Lincoln came from a long line of Federalists>to Whig>to Republican. At the time the positions of the Republicans and Democrats were reversed. Assassinated by the radical left, absolutely not; Booth was a southern conservative reactionary. Party names mean nothing and it changes over time. The ideology is what remains consistent. You seem to think Obama is some kind of super liberal, if you want an example of that look at Lyndon Johnson; now he was a liberal in the style of the 1930s. The fact that we are in a crisis on a number of fronts will dictate a number of approaches to solve. Just as the banking industry became out of control and required the TARP initiated by GW; healthcare needs to be nationalized to get it under control. Usually candidates run from either slightly right or left of center, but govern from the center. This is what makes Walker unique, he ran slightly right of center, but is choosing to govern from the extreme right. Obama's education is easy to trace and find answers. If Obama is such a lefty, then why does the left have such a tough time with him.
Lyle Ruble April 25, 2011 at 01:26 PM
@John Galt... I would reconsider your statement "I'm a Conservative because I have my own values, not because anyone fed me any kool-aid." If you fully understood how the structures of values, morals, folkways and prejudices develop, then you might be inclined to be not so sure that you had much of choice when deciding your structure. We all have a perceptual frame of reference on how we view the world. That's precisely why eye witness testimony is so easily questioned. We all suffer from selective perception and we usually only see those things that validate our perceptual reality and reject other elements that invalidate our reality. Now you listed a number of things you believe in, and that's your reality. But, what are you rejecting to validate that reality and those values. One basic belief I want to question you on; are you part of G_d's Elect and are you living in a state of "Grace"? My value system includes racial prejudice from the past to the present, the fact we as a nation are in a crisis situation and it will require fiscal pain to correct, and that we are living in a society that has shifted values from saving and conserving to one that is consumer oriented based on I want it now and I'll pay for it later. I've been to war and I know the horrors of war; their is no good war for either side. To say I don't love my country is a wrong headed assumption on your part. I've put it on the line, how about you? I will not accept blind patriotism.
Rick April 29, 2011 at 01:52 AM
@Randy... My bad on Politifact... i didn't dig deep enough to realize it was the St. Pete / Congressional Quarterly run site, of which the Journal-Sentinel subscribes (or ascribes) to. But once I discovered that I let my instincts take over for a little bit... When it walk like a duck... Talks like a duck... It probably is a duck. I sensed in the tone of the fact checking on Walker a definite bias to find what he said was untrue. Well... I have my answer... http://media2.hotair.com/archives/2011/02/10/selection-bias-at-politifact This article really points out what I was smelling... Political bias in the guise of fact checking. Again, the only way in my opinion to get to the truth is to read both sides of an issue and make up your own mind which side sounds like spin and which side is making sense... And it doesn't always lean to Dems or Reps.. Conservative or Liberal...
Rick April 29, 2011 at 01:56 AM
@Randy and others... continued... As far as the point that Walker would not win if his positions on public sector unionization were clearly stated before the election... Maybe not. But that depends upon the definition of clearly. The problem is that the concept of why some privileges should be taken away from public sector unions does not fit well into sound-bites or bumper stickers. The argument why it needs to be addressed requires a true discussion/debate of the reasons... something that in today's sound-bite world is very hard to do. So the real question is... would it have been possible to have a clearly articulated statement/debate of the issue without it devolving into political spin? I think not. Just look at how the left is spinning Ryan's proposal... Having people who already have medicare (and are not affected by the proposal) saying that Ryan will take it away... Simply not true, but looks good and is a good political scare tactic. When we finally get to a point (or back to it) where ideas can be discussed... weakness in arguments addressed and debated... maybe we can find some solutions. But as long as the name calling and slapping on labels is the way we "debate", nothing will change.
Lyle Ruble April 29, 2011 at 02:05 AM
@Rick... Your sound bite argument is without merit. Not everything was done in sound bites. He never brought it up during his "Brown Bag" tours and they were much longer than 30 seconds.
Rick April 29, 2011 at 10:40 AM
@Lyle... I didn't make the sound bite point very clear. It wouldn't be Walker that would be producing the sound-bites, it would have been his opposition. I point to the Ryan budget proposal and see what the sound bites are starting to come from the opposition on that. Another example is Doyle's support of high speed rail. It was reduced to "Jimmy's Choo Choo Train"... or "low speed rail"... Regardless if there was merit in what was there, the opposition turned it into sound-bites.
Randy1949 April 29, 2011 at 04:42 PM
First of all, Rick, I wish the opposition to Ryan's Medicare proposal would take extreme care to be precise. Bill Maher, for instance: the $15K voucher would not go for actual medical care, it would go for purchasing a private insurance plan, which would leave the seniors responsible for the difference. And yes, the proposal is to leave things unchanged for people over the age of 55 currently. However, there are two problems with that. First of all, it sucks for anyone under the age of 55, and many of us 'lucky' seniors have children and grandchildren we care about. Second, I'm no fool. After about ten years of us Boomers on the old-style Medicare, we'll start hearing mutterings about how expensive we geezers are, and the chipping away will start. Now, that's the truth, not a scare tactic. The problem with Medicare is the recent geometric growth in medical costs for everyone, especially seniors. I think we might want to attack this problem from various angles -- emphasis on prevention, some measures to discourage overuse (seniors who can't afford supplemental insurance have this anyway, since a 20% co-pay is enough to keep them from running to the doctor unless they have to), maybe a rise in the FICA percentage devoted to Medicare. Another important factor is the paperwork waste and the huge administrative costs associated with private insurance plans. It won't help to have everyone, seniors included, on private insurance.
Randy1949 April 29, 2011 at 04:46 PM
But, did you find a quote anywhere of Scott Walker promising to end collective bargaining for public workers if elected? By the way, Politifact didn't think much of that ad with an old dude mowing the lawn using his walker and stripping for a bachelorette party. It was cute, but not very truthful -- at least not yet.
Watchdog Watcher April 29, 2011 at 04:50 PM
Randy 1949, You make far too much sense to be commenting here. What's wrong with you? :-)
Lyle Ruble April 29, 2011 at 05:26 PM
@Randy1949... Let me add to your comments. The actuary indicates that when seniors start receiving the medicare vouchers, it will only cover about 1/3 of the cost of private health care policies. Also, under the House Budget Plan, the senior is subject to insurance preexisting condition clauses. The problem with the current revenue streams is that there will be more seniors than people working and paying into the FICA. Another problem is that currently the government administrative cost runs somewhere around 4-5 percent compared with private insurance that costs around 30%. We need to do the fiscally responsible thing and provide national health care to all citizens, from birth to grave. All the current health care premiums paid to private health care companies could be diverted to FICA and more than pay for health care. Health care insurance companies could still sell supplemental health care, dental care and extended care insurance.
Lyle Ruble April 29, 2011 at 05:34 PM
@Rick...The sound bite issue is one that doesn't have an easy answer. Look at the third party ads against Prosser and Kloppenburg. Since neither candidate could control these third party ads, all kinds of half truths were converted into 30 second sound bites. But I still maintain that Walker didn't let the electorate know his very aggressive plans. He kept his statements very general. Hence, I've dubbed him -"Go for Broke Walker".
Seth Newman April 30, 2011 at 02:19 AM
My wife did a lexis nexis search. "collective bargaining" and "walker" did not appear in the media until Dec 2010. But Walker said as much when he visited DC a couple weeks ago. The 3rd party adds make the actual candidates spectators at their own elections. very weird time. good discussion though.
Seth Newman April 30, 2011 at 02:40 AM
Hi John, I have thought a long time about this. Circumstantially, you have to admit it looks bad (smelly). But why would Nickalous go back and look at every vote, for a day and a half, when she discovered her mistake? Would have to be making paperwork line up with electronic number... what else could it be? Of course, there is a chance there was no fraud. But if there was fraud, how would it look? A computer virus that changed the vote totals on both optical and / or touch screen machines, followed by a rush to input hundreds of names from the voter rolls and draw some lines on ballots. How could such a thing be caught?
Rick April 30, 2011 at 12:14 PM
@Randy... I think we actually agree on the sound-bites. I wasn't focused on 3rd party ads when i was making that point, but they are the worst offenders. Free speech and all... but a result of McCain/Feingold. @Randy @Seth Before the election and while Walker was Gov-elect the unions were saying -- no concessions... period After the bill was introduced... OK... we always were willing to concede contributions to benefits. Concessions were part of his campaign. The elimination of some bargaining privileges; this is a logical extension of the campaign promise. Think of it like this... If you put the cookie jar on the floor, your typical three year old would gladly help themselves. You can make the 3 year old put the cookies back when you catch them, but until you make them unavailable... they will still grab them. Not that public employee's are 3 yr olds, but the idea that you can get a concession now and they would not circle back and demand it back in 2 or 4 years, with back-pay is naive. Clear statements weren't there, but the promise was meaningless without this. The last 2 points surprise me, certify annually and stopping of the state collecting union dues. These are the only "union busting" steps in the bill. I would argue that the state collect dues, at our expense isn't totally union busting, but cost reduction as well. The annual vote... Could have been barged away, if the 14 senators stayed.


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