Police Arrest 39 As Part of Crackdown on Partying Near UWM

A joint Milwaukee/University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee police operation in response to area resident complaints of drunken, disorderly behavior from college students netted 39 arrested Saturday night — 25 of which were students and six college athletes.

Milwaukee and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee police say they arrested 39 and cited 41 Saturday night, as part of an operation aimed at intensifying their presence on the east side near the college campus.

The operation is in response to area resident complaints of drunken and disorderly behavior from college students, police say. Of the 39 arrested Saturday, 25 were UWM students and six college athletes.

The breakdown of charges is as follows according to police:

  • Excessive noise — 11
  • Disorderly conduct — 4
  • Underage possession/drinking — 22
  • Obstructing — 3
  • Public drinking — 1

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Milwaukee police, along with UWM Police, held a “Roll Call in the Street” Saturday afternoon to promote a message of safety and partnership as students return to the UWM area and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Milwaukee police say they are working to address any issues and to return the neighborhoods to those who deserve to live there free from crime, fear and disorder.

“Saturday they did have a bigger presence, and we did have a quieter night. Unbelievable disrespect sometimes. You can have your fun and not wake up the whole neighborhood doing it,” Patch media partner FOX6 quoted area neighbor Phyllis Talarczyk as saying.

Talarczyk told FOX6 it’s tough for her and her five-year-old daughter to sleep at night, and dealing with the noise and parties is the cost of urban living.

Meanwhile, a UWM student told the TV station police targeting college parties could be considered a waste of resources.

“It’s Saturday night. Shouldn’t you be out trying to find drunk drivers?” the UWM student said.

voice of a student September 10, 2012 at 05:56 PM
Who would have ever guess that living blocks away from one of the largest universitys in the state, things would get a little noisy from time to time. Good thing the neighbors of the students are getting them arrested. Striping them of student financial aid making it extremely harder to continue with college. Hopefully all the college drop outs can hang out in theses neighbor hoods for the rest of their lives 'robbing' the neighbors of sleep on the weekends. What a joke, close your windows and go out and talk to them and ask students to be less noisy.
Sunrocket September 10, 2012 at 08:59 PM
First - where is the 3600 block of Shorewood? Second: Voice of a student. Those of us in Shorewood that pay extremely high property taxes have a right to quality of life over those that are just renters and are just marking time with a place to sleep. I expect it from my home owning neighbors as well. That is just being a good citizen. There is nothing wrong with having a few drinks and having a good time but you must be respectful of your surroundings and responsible as well. I know you can't imagine it now, but some day soon you too probably will be a homeowner and expect the same of your neighbors, whether they are college students or not.
johne b goode September 12, 2012 at 05:27 PM
johne b goode September 12, 2012 at 05:42 PM
Milwaukee police should be going after bigger criminals than drunken underclassmen. Back when I went to UWM nearly every day we would recieve a "campus safety alert" in our e-mail, typically describing a violent crime or robbery that took place near campus and directly compromised the SAFETY of students. I love it how neighbors around UWM complain about students being noisy. Gee, this looks like a nice area honey, even though there's run down houses around it and its near a HUGE university, hmmmm, i wonder if that might be student housing???? Milwaukee police need to work on stopping high profile drug dealers and keeping the streets safer. Studies have shown alcohol helps students relieve stress. Lets be happy it hasn't turned into crack cocaine yet!
Kristen P September 15, 2012 at 07:47 AM
@Hohne b goode, Well put. The 3600 block is only two blocks from the campus. It should be expected that there will be noise on the weekends. Especially since the houses in Milwaukee are 10 Ft. apart from each other. Those who are home owners and complain about the price to live in the area should consider moving to a different location to save money by paying less for an area that is less of a commodity. You may also find that you might have for space between houses if you can move to a less congested area (win-win situation). This location is not suitable to raise a family and would you really want your children exposed to the "college life". For those who went onto college after high school may agree with me and can relate; it is expected for college students to be a little noisy on the weekends after a long week of studying.


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