Man Tasered after Supermarket Rampage

A Shorewood man could face jail time if convicted of charges that came after the Feb. 8 incident, where police say he lobbed soda and liquor bottles around the store.

When a woman asked a male Pick 'n Save customer for help reaching a bottle of water, it touched off a rampage that ended with the man arrested and facing jail time.

Brian J. Burgess, 39, of Shorewood, is charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, both misdemeanors, in connection with the incident. 

Police went to Pick 'n Save, 4145 N. Oakland Ave., on Feb. 8 after employees reported a disruptive customer. 

When officers arrived, according to the criminal complaint, a customer said a man threw a bottle of soda at her and called her names after she asked him to reach a bottle of water for her. Customers and employees went on to say the man continued throwing bottles of soda on the ground, causing them to break. The woman said the man then grabbed her cart and ran down the aisle. 

A store employee who had been bagging groceries went to the soda aisle, the complaint stated, where he saw the broken bottles and Burgess standing there. He said Burgess apologized, and then ran into the closed liquor area. As officers tried to get Burgess to come out, the employee said a bottle came flying out of the area, and Burgess pushed a row of carts at uniformed officers. 

Officers reported they went to the liquor department and saw Burgess there, talking very loudly. Burgess threw a set of keys at the officers, the complaint states, and then tried to run away. One officer fired his Taser at Burgess, but he did not stop. He was Tasered a second time and went down to the ground, but the complaint states, continued to struggle. 

During the arrest, according to the complaint, Burgess kept yelling, making statements about his personal life as well as "some unusual statements about riding in an airboat."


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