Gas Station Target of Burglary Again, More than $2,000 in Cigarettes Stolen

Similar to a Sept. 19 burglary, a brick was thrown through the front door to gain entry.

Sept. 19, $400 in cigarettes were taken from Citgo in Shorewood in an overnight burglary, but the incident pales in comparison to a burglary overnight on Friday at the same gas station, in which more than $2,000 in cigarettes were snagged.

Similar to the Sept. 19 burglary where a brick was thrown through the front door to gain entry to the shop at 1602 E. Capitol Dr., a patio block caused $345 in damage when it crashed through the front door.

Twenty to 30 cartons of Newport 100s were taken with a value of $2,250.

Police say there is no surveillance video of the incident.


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