If Bling Is Your Thing

Shorewood will soon boast an exclusive women's designer boutique and secondhand store called Swanky Seconds, opening May 15.

I know what you are thinking.

"What happened to the Fair Trade for All store that was there just last week? It seemed like it was doing really well." 

And you'd be right. It did well, but it was temporary. What you maybe didn't know is that they only had a three-month lease here in Shorewood, and that was that.

Allison Rozek, proprietor at Shorewood's newest high-end secondhand store Swanky Seconds, has signed a three-year lease with landlord B.K. Yun, and is already reaching out to the community, seeking to grow long-range roots. So, consider this store fair trade, literally, and locally owned and pre-owned, as much of the merchandise is already starting to come, as it were, from you.  

The focus of Swanky Seconds is to sell fashion for women in a fun environment. The store welcomes consignment from locals, and will offer upscale brands of new and pre-owned purses, accessories, women's shoes and clothing, as well as some home decor. 

For shopping convenience, updated pictures and prices of items in the shop will be listed on the website (some already are), and can be shared on Facebook for general consensus gathering. Some offerings will be new, such as scarves, belts and jewelry. They won't sell electronics, but they will have music and snacks to accompany your shopping experience. They sell shoes and clothing that fit all types of women, and have some unexpected accessories. Need long gloves for prom? Check here. Need a rhinestone belt for your second job? Swanky Seconds will be for you.

And Rozek plans on making it a fun shopping experience.

"I want people to come and hang out, see what's new, and come back for parties and events," she said. "Basically, we're going to have some fun."

Retailing decor and jewelry runs in the family. Her mother and uncle have both run successful stores for years in North Carolina and Florida, where Rozek has had experience marketing her inventory. Both her mother and uncle plan to give her support here in Shorewood and are flying in to help set up the store and design her first window display for the opening on May 15. To prepare, Rozek is painting the store window bays (with plans for the town) red.

Rozek herself is no stranger to fashion or business. This store will give her the opportunity to do both. She has even invested in a "swanky" new consignment shop computer system that will allow her to manage inventory and direct donations. It also allows for bar coding and inventory control that benefits both consignor and consignee.

Rozek and her husband are parents of a second-grader at , which is across the street from the store. She is planning to work with all schools in the district to allow clients and customers to direct proceeds to St. Robert's, Shorewood SEED and the PTO groups at and . The Rozeks are also planning a move to Shorewood soon.

"We're working on selling our house on the east side and moving to Shorewood," she said. "We really fell in love with this community."

The grand opening is May 15. Until then, items will be received by appointment only. Email info@swankyseconds.com or call 414-313-4042 for more information. Once the store is officially open, consigned items may be brought in during store hours, Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Instructions for which brands, and what types of items qualify are on Rozek's website.

L Santi August 06, 2012 at 01:43 PM
Beware about shopping here! Here is my experience: I recently purchased a Cole Haan bag from them and while there admiring the bag I had a discussion with the owner about fake handbags and how I prefer the real thing. She assured me it was real (it was listed a $145 and marked down to $85). I figured, she is the experts, so I will trust her word. Big mistake. My bag is fake. After about a week or two of thinking about it and looking at it at home, I couldn't stop this nagging feeling that it wasn't real. I couldn't find a "genuine leather" tag in the bag so I called Cole Haan to find out how I could verify the authenticity. They simply told me that the bag would have a serial number imprinted on the tag in the bag, which mine did not. I promptly called the store and left a message about this and asked about their refund policy. No reply. I waited another day and called again (I have a busy schedule so stopping in wasn't convenient, not to mention that I would have preferred to have this discussion privately so as not to alarm any other customers.) I called two days later and left another message. Again, no reply. I am completely shocked and dissapointed. A scam artist in Shorewood selling fake merchandise. I thought I was doing a good thing by supporting a neighborhood business but I was taken advantage of and I really want to warn any one who is thinking of shopping there. BEWARE, this store should be called Shady Seconds.


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