Running the Shoreline

Sara used to be a runner. Using the Shoreline as her guide, she's one step closer to regaining that title.

Driving down North Lake Drive on any given day, you see the same scenery. Beautiful homes, meticulously maintained yards, and runners. Slews of 'em. 

And you have to admit, runners are cool cats. 

Some of that sentiment comes from the fact that we are sitting in our cars going home to sit on our couches. The other part comes from the fact that running is hard. Like really friggin' hard. 

How do I know? Because I used to be a runner.

This is something I like to tell people probably more than I should. But I want everyone to know, that despite my current physique which resembles more of a potato than a french fry, I used to be a mover. Now I'm just a shaker. Of flab.

I decided recently it was time to get back to my french fry fighting weight and hit the pavement. Stupidly, I decided this as soon as the weather went from wintery what-the-heck to scalding Summer. But being the cheapskate that I am, a gym membership and all the air conditioning that went with it was out of the question. Why pay a monthly fee to mimic a hamster's workout when I could lace up my sneaks and run around my 'hood? Exactly.

So that's what I did. And what a great decision it was! I patted myself on the back and tried to give myself a high-five (don't attempt this in public, it's not pretty) as I discovered that the Shoreline is an amazing backdrop to getting back in shape. Even the poshest of gyms don't have anything on our neighborhood.

Despite the ridiculously warm temperatures we've had as of late and my lack of ability to get up and go before the sun hits level super hot, the tree lined streets provide plenty of shade and a natural air conditioning. While jogging along the shaded walkways, it's fun to grab glimpses of the stunning homes and gardens.

Another plus of running the shoreline are the cooling lake breezes, which would really be amazing if all those pesky giant mansions weren't blocking it. I kid, I kid! Those mansions just add to the beautiful backdrop. And being as slow as I am, I get a breeze each time another runner passes me. Ahhhhh!

The last time I was a real "runner" was quite some time ago. I was fifty pounds lighter and six years younger. I don't even think I "ran" really. I'm pretty sure I weighed so little I just floated around town. Nothing except my perfectly coiffed hair shook and afterwards my everything didn't hurt.

These days I'm googling "icing vs. heating injuries" and "hip replacement at 31". But I'm also googling upcoming 5K races. This girl needs a goal. And a goal I found. Keeping with my passion of , I'll be running the Trot for Troops in West Bend on September 10th. 

Until then I'll be one of those runners spotted along Lake Drive. I won't be the fastest or the slickest but with every stride I'll be one step closer to becoming a cool cat again.

Unless I need a hip replacement first. 

Thorpsc July 09, 2011 at 11:58 AM
From a fellow runner, nicely done.


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