Parking Available in New Structure as Mandel Group Development Moves Along

Finding parking near Oakland and Capitol may be tough right now, but stalls has opened in the new parking structure behind Sendik's to ease the flow. Take the one-way driveway from Oakland or a two-way drive access from Bartlett.

With heavy construction in the area, it's tough finding a parking spot near East Capitol Drive and North Oakland Avenue.

But, as part of a $34.8 million, six-story apartment and retail development slowly sprouting in the parking lot at 4027 N. Oakland Ave., a parking structure has been erected behind the grocer, and workers opened the ramp earlier this week.

Take the one-way driveway from Oakland Avenue to gain access to the new parking. Additionally, there is a two-way drive access from North Bartlett Avenue. 

Milwaukee developers the Mandel Group warn that while the ramp is in service now, exterior construction work will continue until the end of August, according to the village. Therefore, there may be temporary changes of traffic flow and signage during this interim time to allow for the work to be completed.

To view a map of the project, please click here.

coined LightHorse 4041, which will include 84 apartments, a 18,000 square foot Walgreens retail store and two parking structures with 200 stalls, in mid-March.

, in the 4500 block of Oakland Avenue. The four-story, $6.6 million structure by developer WiRED Properties is called the Ravenna and includes 22 apartments and 7,500 feet of retail space for , and is to be erected in the vacant lot across from the .

Anne July 29, 2012 at 03:08 PM
When this was just a work on paper, I thought of it as a 10-pound pig in a 5-pound bag. Now that it's a work in progress, I'm sure of it.
Naive One July 30, 2012 at 02:36 PM
I like the one or two Securitas people standing around, with the flags. They probably have a purpose, but every time that I cross the street in order to go to the bank, they are just standing or sitting in front of Sendik's.


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