New Fitness Shop Laces Up Sneakers in Shorewood

Performance Running Outfitters brings its fitness expertise to Shorewood.

If the people of Shorewood seem to be cruising around town with a bit more spring in their step as of late, it may be due to the arrival of Performance Running Outfitters to the village, which just opened its doors, early February.

Located on the northwest corner of North Oakland Avenue and Lake Bluff Boulevard, 4401 N. Oakland Ave., the store’s focus is providing top quality gear for runners of all levels, “from the off-the-couch runner to the elite athlete,” manager Justin Dyszelki said.

The fitness outfitters stocks apparel and accessories, and an array of sneakers from a variety of brands, including Nike, New Balance, Saucony and Newton.

“We carry almost every brand of running shoe out there,” Dyszelki said. “I think we’re the only specialty store that carries this broad of a selection.”

But, a big part of their business is helping the customer find the perfect shoes.

“What we’re known for is providing a good shoe fitting,” Jessica Hoepner, who owns the business with her husband Trae, said.

“We watch people run on a treadmill and do a video gait analysis,” she said. “We assess their feet to see what kind of special needs they have, go through their history of running and if they have any injuries or issues that they’re dealing with.”

Both cross-country and track coaches at Brookfield Central High School and life-long running enthusiasts, the Hoepners first opened Performance Running Outfitters in Brookfield in 2006, adding a second store in Oconomowoc in 2010.

However, the current Shorewood location only temporary, with the permanent storefront being built not far up the road on North Oakland Avenue and East Kensington Boulevard. Set to be finished toward the end of the year, that store will be the business’ biggest, allowing for their largest selection of apparel and specialty shoes.

Jessica added Shorewood has been a great fit for the business and she looks forward to local involvement by providing classes and hosting a Get Fit 5K program.

“It’s just a really nice and welcoming community,” she said. “People here are very active, very passionate... this community is looking for something where they can participate with other healthy, active people and have somewhere to go for guidance and encouragement.”

Jim Plaisted, executive director of the Shorewood Business Improvement District, agrees that the area can be ideal for businesses that seek to build a relationship with the community.

“We are always excited to welcome new businesses to Shorewood,” he said. “We know from experience that Shorewood is a great place to own a small business that is unique and offers specialized services like Performance Running Outfitters.”

With spring right around the corner, it’s a perfect time to get acquainted with Performance Running Outfitter’s friendly faces. Some residents already have.

“We’ve had people bring us muffins, people e-mailing to welcome us to the neighborhood,” Jessica marveled. “That didn’t happen when we opened our other stores, so it’s just been really cool.”

Location: 4401 N. Oakland Ave.

Hours: Mon- Fri: 10am – 7pm

            Sat: 10am – 5pm

            Sun: noon – 4pm

Phone: 414-332-2786

Website: http://www.performancerunning.com


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