Formal Groundbreaking of Mandel Group Development Set for Wednesday

Ceremony will officially kick of construction of the six-story, apartment and retail development in the Sendik's parking lot.

The Milwaukee developer behind a new has set a formal groundbreaking ceremony for Wednesday.

The Mandel Group will officially kick off construction on the new development coined LightHorse 4041 which will include 84 apartments, a 18,000 square foot Walgreens retail store and two parking structures with 200 stalls, at 11 a.m. at the corner of North Oakland Avenue and East Kenmore Place.

will move across East Kenmore Place from its current location at 4081 N. Oakland Ave. into the new structure.

LightHorse will be built by Pewaukee-based VJS Construction Services Inc. and was designed by Engberg Anderson Design Partnership.

Seventeen apartments, or 20 percent of the development, have been identified as affordable housing units. The remaining units will include a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom units.

Shorewood has agreed to provide support for the development with a $4.12 million grant to be recovered through property taxes generated from the development and a $3.54 million loan with revenue generated through rent.

The village will incur another $1 million in fees and other costs. Shorewood will also finance an additional parking level for $1 million out of its special tax district No. 1 and funds from its parking fund.

In conjunction with new development on the Oakland Avenue block, the village has pledged to , with a $350,000 package: a $150,000 business incentive loan and $200,000 grant.

The remodel will include a lot of minor changes, moving of aisles, replacing equipment and redoing floors.

. Thefour-story, $6.6 million structure by developer WiRED Properties is called the Ravenna, includes 22 apartments and 7,500 feet of retail space for , and is to be erected in the vacant lot at 4533 N. Oakland Ave. across from the .

Jory Pradjinski March 11, 2012 at 09:47 PM
"a $3.54 loan the developer says it will be able to pay back with revenue generated through rent." Wow, how will they ever be able to pay back $3.54? So this wonderful development is costing Shorewood $2,350,000 just to make believe that the 'downtown' area is wonderful. Why is Shorewood paying $350,000 to help Sendik's remodel? The development project is not affecting Sendik's business, other than parking challenges for their customers. Also, this project as well as the others are always cited as helping taxes for residents, yet, this project alone has a $4,120,000 grant that will take years to repay before residents see any tax relief. By then many of the residents will have moved away. Why is no one screaming "corporate welfare" for this since it is a glaring example of it?


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