Two Lessons From The Rejected Mining Bill

Democrats show they only care about restoring their corrupt funding system, forget jobs.

This mining bill has showed us two things. First, when Democrats claim they are for working people, it does not apply if you work in the private sector, or for a company not subsidized by the government. Second, private sector union workers are not important to big unions like the AFL-CIO.

People who voted against the mining bill claimed they wanted the mine, but they just wanted more environmental protections. They were being dishonest. One item that was demanded was allowing contested case hearings. This would have changed the bill to an anti-mining bill that guaranteed no mine would be built,  but this of course is why they were demanding the change. Democrats opposing jobs is the norm these days. This is the party that tried to push extreme anti-manufacturing 'Cap & Trade' legislation in 2010. Although I disagree with the Democrats who just opposed the mine period, I respect them more. At least they are being honest about their position.

Last we week several unions put out statements of support for the mine after Gogebic Taconite LLC agreed that 95% of the jobs would be union jobs. If the leadership of the big unions like the AFL-CIO supported the mine, they could have easily gotten at least one Democrat to work seriously in support the mine. But they only care about making sure dues are mandatory for the public employees, so these jobs do not matter to them.

If you work in the private sector and vote Democrat, you need to ask yourself, "What are they doing to support you?" The deal they are offering is, you get higher taxes, less services, and an anti-business assault on private employment.  All this in exchange for your support of better benefits for public employees.

Unfortunately, the losses last year in the state Senate recall elections have somewhat closed Wisconsin for business. This state Senate rejected over a billion dollars of investment in Wisconsin and thousands of jobs. Wisconsin will not truly be open for business until we get more support in the State Senate to be friendly to business that wants to invest in our state.

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William Eib March 14, 2012 at 04:23 AM
2 totally corrupt systems trying to out do one another. The oddity for me at times, is that these are generally nice, decent people who get caught up in the easy money and partisanship. It is a corrupting business, it's a brand of lawlessness, agendas, special interests and pandering for votes, There is no cure. Getting money out of it may help a bit, and return the influence to the voters. I don't know, it's all so convoluted.
Bob McBride March 14, 2012 at 11:45 AM
Try this. It applies to both sides. "Desperate times call for desperate measures". It's not easy money at all. It's that money is anything but easy right now. When things are going good, as they were in the '90s, everything's wonderful. The same things we go ape-poopy about right now were fine with everyone, as long as we were all making money - which we were. Once it became apparent that tech boom was a shell game, that we couldn't all be dot com millionaires and that we dropped the ball by letting manufacturing and lower level support slip off-shores (facilitated by that very same tech boom, which also drastically reduced manpower needs in all areas) along with the money that followed it, we began eating our own and we've been doing so ever since. What's the solution? Right now it's out of our hands. Until then, unfortunately, we still eat our own, which means we have to compete with other states for jobs and not create situations that drive even more jobs overseas. That means not increasing the cost of doing business in this country. We also have to keep in mind that we're not destined to be the number 1 consumer market for much longer. Some experts believe we already aren't. So we can't create a situation whereby we take actions here to try to control imports into this country that cause other markets to react accordingly, or that make what goods we do produce here for export so expensive as to be uncompetitive. There is no easy solution.
Bob McBride March 14, 2012 at 12:43 PM
Same thing happened to with the real estate boom, with the same result. When house prices were going up, while at the same time people who had never been able to buy houses were able to get financing, everything was great. It wasn't until the bottom fell out of that that the finger pointing started happening. We can end up with a third round of this...a sort of "green boom"...if we're not careful. If the government decides to favor and promote "green" certain industries via tax and/or regulatory policy and they falsely become investment darlings as a result, that's very much what could happen. Whether or not we can absorb yet another hit like the last two is debatable. We just barely survived this last one and we're still not out of the water.
William Eib March 14, 2012 at 05:43 PM
BOB: It sounds like Big Business will get its way. Wages will be driven down, benefits will be a thing of the past (increasing the need for more government in our lives), the higher education pursuit, already getting out of reach financially, will dwindle and become attainable by those who can afford it. The old middle class will be come the new working class, working class the new fringe poor and the poor just plum out of luck. The cries from the extreme right as to how the Socialist Negro in the White House was going to turn America in to a Marxist/Socialist/Fascist/Communist State are words in the wind. The picture looks more 3rd World. Where the powerful and wealthy nations would enter a 3ed world country, buy the president, dictate the deals, exploit the natives, help to suppress the rebels, leave the country suck of all things of value , pack up and leave. In the case of the USA, our colonialist are Americans. Using states as the new 3rd world countries ripe of the picking, but in this scenario the 3rd world states will be falling all over themselves to surrender to any and all terms to get the jobs. The notion that giving the financially powerful a broader range via, deregulation, and tax breaks is leading to an Oligarchy with Theocrats on board to take care of moral guidance.
morninmist March 19, 2012 at 12:58 AM
The TeaGOP does not know how to compromise!!--nor does it want to and is now afraid to take up the bill again. Here is a lesson for the TeaGOP---learn to be nice and compromise! http://www.politiscoop.com/us-politics/wisconsin-politics/820-train-wreck-averted-senator-carpenter-speaks-on-mining.html .........Proof Republicans and Walker are against Jobs On March 14, 2011 Republicans scheduled a hearing on mining for March 19, 2012 pointing to a possible special session to work on the mining bill. On March 16, 2012, Senator Pam Galloway abruptly resigns leaving the Senate at 16-16 forcing Gov. Walker and Republicans to have to negotiate, the same day, Republicans cancel the hearing. Now who is against jobs in Wisconsin?


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