Shorewood Earns 'Walk-Friendly Community' Designation

Building on its trademark motto of a walkable community, the village received the accolade Thursday, the only in the state, along with nine other communities across the country.

The national Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center designated Shorewood as a bronze level walk-friendly community Thursday, building on the village's trademark motto of being a walkable neighborhood.

Shorewood is the first and only municipality in Wisconsin to receive the accolade. Eight other communities across the country, five of which received a bronze and two a silver level designation, were branded walk-friendly. Washington DC was the only to receive a gold designation.

Village Manager Chris Swartz said the label is a real honor for Shorewood.

"A lot of it had to do with our ," he said. "Our Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee has been in existence for about 20 years, so we have been way ahead of the game."

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He added the bronze level designation serves as a jumping off point to make way for more improvements and creating an even more walkable village.

"There was a list of things about why we didn’t get a higher designation and those are things we need to work on," he said.

According the PBIC, Shorewood garnered the accolade because:

  • Residents receive a “walking kit” which includes a walking map and coupons encouraging local shopping.
  • The village does a great job managing its crosswalks, there are signal timers at every intersection and highly visible brick and tape makers. The monitors the condition of crosswalks.
  • Crossing guards are stationed at every intersection near elementary and middle schools, and their performance is reviewed by the village’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee.
  • An annual analysis of vehicle crashes is conducted so local police and adjust patrols and its strategy.
  • The village is proactive in enforcement of snow removal.
  • Nearly 100 percent of village streets have a sidewalk on at least one side, and sidewalk conditions are rated on a bi-annual basis. 
Lenore G. Young September 08, 2012 at 01:29 PM
Whoever did the evaluation never took their life in their hands and tried to cross Oakland at Wood Ave. in front of the Pick 'Save. OMG - even with a flashing light and pedestrian crossing sign, the cars just keep whizzing past. There are OLD people who need consideration along with stroller moms and everyone else. The powers that be need to pay attention!!
Cricket September 08, 2012 at 02:47 PM
We could work on becoming more bicycle friendly though. A lot of the roads are in terrible condition and are downright dangerous. If you hit a crack the wrong way you could have a nasty spill and lose some teeth. I see the fellow from the dpw traversing the village with his pothole set up but that is putting a band aid on an artery.
Lyle Ruble September 09, 2012 at 10:38 PM
It would be even better if we could get older kids and adult bike riders off the village sidewalks. I see this on Capital and some of the busier side streets. We also have quite a number of skate boarders on the streets impeding traffic.


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