Stormy Seas: Wind from Hurricane Sandy Roughs up Lake Michigan

As Hurricane Sandy descends on the East Coast, gale-force winds are churning up Lake Michigan and building some monster waves.

As Hurricane Sandy begins to descend on the East Coast, those in the midwest aren't just idly sitting by. The National Weather Service has predicted gale-force winds up to 40 mph for Southeastern Wisconsin. 

A small craft advisory is in effect through Monday evening, with wind gusts expected to be between 25 and 38 mph on the lake, according to NWS Meteorologist Morgan Brooks. A gale warning takes effect Monday night and will last through Tuesday night, with winds between 39 and 54 mph over the lake.

Waves are expected to get to 4 to 7 feet by Monday, and reach up to 16 feet high on Tuesday in southeastern Wisconsin. In open waters farther from shore, Brooks said waves could be in the range of 30 feet high.

But bad weather doesn't have to be ugly. Heavy winds are churning up Lake Michigan and building some bountiful waves. Here's a look at a few pictures we've taken in Patch towns along the lake.

What's Lake Michigan like on the other side of the state line? Check out this photo gallery from the Illinois Patch sites along the big lake.

Have you snapped some pictures of the mighty waves building on Lake Michigan? Just click "Upload" and share your photos! 

James Meyer October 30, 2012 at 11:02 PM
Here's a short video I captured down in the Marina in Port this afternoon http://youtu.be/7FdqwgTV5Iw


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