Neighborhood Highlights What’s Special about Shorewood

The 4200 block of North Ardmore Avenue is named Shorewood's neighborhood of the year for its unique neighborliness.

The 4200 block of North Ardmore Avenue has been named the 2012 Shorewood Neighborhood of the Year by the Shorewood Connects Neighbors project. 

The competition was developed to highlight the many good things happening in Shorewood at the block level and to encourage more residents to form organized block groups. 

As a winner of the second annual competition, signs will be posted on either end of the block, an article about the block will appear in an upcoming issue of Shorewood Today, and block residents will have the opportunity to march behind the “Shorewood Neighborhood of the Year” banner in the village’s 4th of July Parade.

In their application, neighbors on the Ardmore Avenue block cited a long list of organized activities throughout the year, providing something for residents young and old alike.  

In addition to block parties in the summer and at Halloween, the block features a Monday night knitting group and “front porch theater” produced by the kids on the block. 

The kids create and perform plays and when the performance is ready, they ring doorbells until they have a good size audience who bring lawn chairs for the presentation on one of the neighbor’s front porch. 

The kids have even put their “block anthem” video on You Tube

The block email group is alive and well, allowing neighbors to share contractor information and ask for help and the kids on the block have created a block newspaper. In addition to looking out for each other, residents have created a basket for the Shorewood Foundation’s annual fundraiser, collected items for military care packages, and have collected food for the Hunger Task Force at Thanksgiving.

Last year, the 2600 — 2700 block of East Shorewood Boulevard was labeled as Shorewood's best neighborhood.

For residents interested in learning more about how to make their own blocks more connected, Shorewood Connects Neighbors has developed a tool kit which can be found on the Village website www.villageofshorewood.org under the “Shorewood Connects Neighbors” quick link.

For more information on the 4200 block of N. Ardmore, contact resident Rosalie Bredeck (414) 963-8899.


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